August 16- August 23, 2007 Edition

BISG to Study
Environmental Impact
of U.S. Book Industry

New York, NY/8/14/07–The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and Green Press Initiative (GPI) today launched the US Book Industry Climate Impacts and Environmental Benchmarking Survey. The survey, first of its kind, is designed to establish a baseline for tracking climate impacts and progress toward environmental improvements throughout the entire US book industry. The initiative was launched with a 30-minute online program for survey participants, titled “Helpful Tips for environmental Benchmarking Survey Takers.”

To encourage the widest possible participation and to reflect the current practices and policies of companies across the supply chain, the survey is being sent to printers, manufacturers, paper mills, publishers, retailers, and wholesalers.

The results of the Environmental Benchmarking Survey will appear in a report to be jointing published by BISG and GPI in December 2007.

BISG and GPI will also be organizing an event, which will take place before the end of the year, to present the survey findings and to explore issues arising from them.

Sponsorship of the US Book Industry Climate Impacts and Environmental Benchmarking Survey is provided by: Association of American University Presses, Cascades Fine Papers Group, Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Ingram Book Group/Lightning Source, Malloy, Inc., Maple-Vail Book Manufacturing Group, Random House, Smerillo Associates and Thomson-Shore.

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