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February 15-29, 2004 Edition AWARDS Bausch, Freudenberger

Jointly Receive

PEN/Malamud Award

2/5/04—Richard Bausch, author of The Stories of Richard Bausch (HarperCollins), and Nell Freudenberger, author of Lucky Girls, have jointly been awarded the 2004 PEN/Malamud Award and will equally share the $5,000 cash prize.

The prize, which recognizes outstanding short fiction in honor of the late Bernard Malamud, has been awarded annually since 1988. Malamud served as a mentor to many young writers. For that reason, in recent years, the award has been shared by one established writer and one novice writer.

The PEN/Malamud Award and Memorial Reading was established by the family of the late Bernard Malamud to honor excellence in the art of the short story. The basis of the award was a $10,000 bequest from Mr. Malamud; the fund continues to grow through the generosity of donors, and with the proceeds from the annual readings. The readings and the fund are administered by the PEN/Faulkner Foundation. A panel of PEN/Faulkner directors, together with representatives of Mr. Malamud’s literary executors, form the selection committee for the award.