Authorlink® has been named Best in Industry for 2023 by the Web Marketing Association in the e-zine category.

Since 1997, the annual WebAward Competition has allowed thousands of participant to receive independent evaluations of their Web development efforts in a forum that has become the Internet’s premier online awards event.

Authorlink® CEO and founder, Doris Booth, said “We work hard to run a quality website, giving readers, editors and agents information about new and upcoming books, and offering writers insights on improving their craft. It is humbly gratifying to be recognized for the Web award.”

The WMA is an all-volunteer organization founded in Boston in 1997.  The current President and founder of the Web Marketing Association is William Rice.  Bill is a 20-year financial services marketing veteran who is currently Managing Partner of the Wealth Management News Service.  Bill, along with many other Internet marketing professionals saw a need for Web-based award competitions and in 1997 began the WMA to offer the annual WebAward Competition for Web site development.  Today Bill works with hundreds of number of volunteers internationally to conduct the annual award competitions.

Through the years, Authorlink® has garnered a number of awards. More recently, in addition to the 2023 award, we were named Best Web Magazine (under 1 million viewers,2021) by Editor & Publisher Magazine.