Platform for Creatives, Book and Movie Industries Merges Millions of Related Records into a Single Search Tool

August 14, 2020—Authorlink® will introduce Books N’ Flix, a data-driven research platform, during Digital Book World (DBW), Sept. 14-16, 2020. Digital Book World is the annual gathering of the wide world of publishing – which brings together the innovators, experts and newsmakers of the publishing industry – and this year’s program is a digital event.

The new Authorlink platform, designed for creatives and book and movie industry pros, merges millions of records from several public or permissioned sources into a single search tool that helps users spot trends and compare creative content across 15 different search criteria.

The 40-minute presentation will offer “New Insights Into Big Data for Small Publishers,” beginning at 11:40 a.m. Central, Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020.

Authorlink® CEO Doris Booth and Webmaster Benjamin Latham, along with Robert Andy of JMR Digital Solutions, will demonstrate the platform’s capabilities and explain how the system differs from other industry research resources such as Amazon, Statista or Nielsen.

Authorlink® Books N’ Flix enables users to answer such questions as how many thriller books got made into movies within a specific date range, or which studios have been making what types of movies, and which projects earned the most at the box office? One can also search for a publisher genre by genre, and year by year to estimate the company’s title output in a specific category.

The subscription-based platform is designed especially for small publishers, writers and other creatives who may not be able to justify purchasing more expensive research tools.

Ms. Booth founded  Authorlink® and has been involved in both the book and movie industries for many years as an editor, agent, publisher and journalist. She has long felt that the publishing and film industries need to become more tightly interconnected. Thus, she and her team developed the new Books N’ Flix platform (Note: the search link will not be live until the presentation date).

Digital Book World 2020 (2)Register for DBW to see the Authorlink® demonstration. Visit and use promo code Authorlink to receive complimentary registration, courtesy of Authorlink® and DBW.