Welcome to The 2018 “Best Book” Awards!
Sponsored by American Book Fest based in Los Angeles & Phoenix

The 15th Annual “Best Book” Awards are specifically designed to not only garner MEDIA COVERAGE & BOOK SALES for the winners & finalists but to PROMOTE awarded books to the PUBLISHING & ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRIES!

The publishing industry is rapidly evolving and The 2018 “Best Book” Awards puts your book in the center of the action!


A printed book is no longer just a printed book.

Fiction and non-fiction books have the potential to be turned into interactive e-books, television and movie programs, documentaries, reality-based programming, video games, graphic novels, web series, live workshops, and so much more.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, we have the unique advantage of gaining access to both the publishing and entertainment industries like no other book award program currently operating.
You’ve put tremendous time and energy into your work. Make sure you give your book the best shot at success on all levels. 
  • Enter Your 2016-2018 Titles! Open to all books with an ISBN and published in 2018 (galley copies welcome). 2016 and 2017 titles are also eligible.
  • $79 per book/per category. $69.00 per book/per category through January 31, 2018!
  • FIVE MONTH BONUS MARKETING PACKAGE! Every entry will receive a 5-month book listing on AmericanBookFest.com! (Offer Expires 01-31-18)
  • We Pick Winners! Our panel of industry judges continues to deliver fantastic results on an annual basis! Hundreds of titles have received national media coverage and increased sales as a direct result of placing in The Best Book Awards! Many titles that have placed in our award’s program have gone on to place in other contests geared toward the independent press.
 Extensive Media & Social Media Coverage! The Best Book Award Facebook page went viral with over 9.4 million combined post views in the immediate two weeks following the 2015 Best Book Award announcement.
  • AmericanBookFest.com Exposure: A Ten-Month Book Listing which includes your color book cover, a brief paragraph about your title and a hyperlink to your website (valued at $2,500.00!)
  • National Media & Industry Exposure: Instant coverage of results from our online network of media outlets and industry contacts for a combined, immediate exposure to over 500,000+ subscribers. In addition, the national media campaign kicks off in November 2018 to take advantage of the busy 2018 holiday retail season.
  • Results Announced on American Book Fest’s Social Media Pages (100,000+ Fans/Friends)
  • Publishing Industry Exposure: Promotion to Independent Bookstores, Retail Book Buyers, Publishers, Librarians and other industry professionals.
  • Promote Your Title as an Award-Winning Book: As a winner or finalist you will have the right to highlight your award on your book cover, website, and marketing material. Award stickers will be available for purchase for all winners & finalists in each category.

It’s a new frontier in publishing and The “Best Book” Awards are at the forefront of the revolution!

We welcome your questions, comments, and ideas! Simply e-mail us for an immediate response.

Jeffrey Keen
President & CEO
American Book Fest