The Heirloom

by Jessie Rosen

(G.P. Putnam’s Son May 7, 2024)

Debut novelist and successful screen writer,  Jessie Rosen studies the lengths we will go to find ourselves in the new cinematic novel, THE HEIRLOOM (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, May 7,2024) In intimate conversation with Authorlink’s Doris Booth, Jessie talks about her own emotional issues and views, and the daunting task of switching from a 90-page script to a 300-page novel. So many pages to fill.  The star of the award-winning blog, 20-Nothings has sold television projecs to ABC, CBS, Warner Bros, and Netflix, among others. Her live storytelling show, Sunday Night Sex Talks, was featured on The Bachelorette. She admits it was scary to confront her deeper, stronger feelins in writing the book.  She advises new writers to understand what rejection really means, learn from the feddback, and “keep going.”

In THE HEIRLOOM, The answer to the biggest question of her life lies in someone else’s past.

Shea Anderson’s beloved Nonna had endless rules for a happy, healthy life: avoid owls, never put a hat on a bed, and never, ever accept a marriage proposal that comes with an heirloom ring. Happily ever after is hard enough without bad karma in the mix.

Naturally, panic sets in when Shea’s boyfriend, John, proposes with an heirloom ring. Yes is her answer, but Nonna’s warning sets Shea on a mission to ensure the ring contains forever energy: She will find its previous owners wherever they may be. With the help of her long-suffering big sister and a nosy journalist eager for a big story, Shea embarks on a journey that takes her from Los Angeles and New York to Italy and Portugal.

Sophisticated, cinematic, and full of lively observations, The Heirloom is a diamond-sharp read for everyone who’s ever tried to make their own good luck.

About the author

Jessie Rosen, author of THE HEIRLOOMJessie Rosen is the author of The Heirloom (Putnam Books, 2024). She got her start with the award-winning blog 20-Nothings and has sold original television projects to ABC, CBS, Warner Bros., and Netflix. Her live storytelling show—Sunday Night Sex Talks, was featured on The Bachelorette. She lives in Los Angeles.