New York Editor Stacey Barney Gives Free Tips From Her Online Writing Class

June 30, 2008
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Stacey Barney will teach another online writing class for Authorlink,
beginning August 2, 2008.

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An Authorlink Exclusive AUDIO Interview with Stacey Barney
Editor, Penguin/G. P. Putnam, New York 

July 2008

Stacey Barney, an acquiring editor at G.P. Putnam Books/Penguin Group USA, talks with Authorlink about what students will learn in her upcoming Authorlink online writing class, Finding Your Novel's Voice; Making Characters Live: Hands-On Guidance From A New York Editor

"Voice is a writing style with personality, one that pulls the reader into the story. A good voice is a 'present' voice. I'm often sold in the first few pages, if the writer has a terrific voice."

In her Authorlink online writing class she explains how a writer can find his or her novel's voice. She also points out the five critical choices writers must make the making a story come alive. Listen to her valuable tips, then enroll in her entire four-hour class with private instruction. The new session starts August 2, 2008. For enrollment details, click, or the Authorlink Virtual Classroom tab near the top of any Authorlink page.


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