An exclusive Authorlink VIDEO Interview with CJ Lyons
Debut author of LIFELINES (Berkley, March 2008)

March 2008

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Video interview with CJ Lyons, author of Lifelines

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In this Authorlink VIDEO interview, debut novelist CJ LYONS
encourages writers to remain undaunted by rejection, and to keep
focused on their goals

CJ Lyons has lived most of her life on the edge.

Trained as a physician in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, she has assisted police and prosecutors with cases involving child abuse, rape, homicide and Munchausen by Proxy. She has worked in numerous trauma centers, on the Navajo reservation, as a crisis counselor, victim advocate, as well as a flight physician for Life Flight and Stat Medevac.

Her debut novel, LIFELINES, has been called a “tense, whip-smart” medical drama. Heather Graham calls it “an engrossing and intriguing debut.”

The novel is a gripping behind-the-scenes drama of four women facing life and death every day.

In this recent VIDEO interview, CJ talks about the editing process, and what keeps her inspired to write.

Everyone has his or her darkest hour, she says, but she encourages writers to keep working at their craft and to fix their goals firmly in mind, even in the face of rejection.

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Her paperback original will be available in bookstores everywhere beginning in March 2008.

–Doris Booth
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