How Best selling Author Elizabeth Buchan
Makes Her Novels Live Emotionally

An exclusive Authorlink AUDIO Interview with Elizabeth Buchan
New York Times bestselling author of Separate Beds and other works
February 2010 Authorlink Edition

Separate Beds by Elizabeth Buchan
(Viking, January 2011;

Elizabeth Buchan, author of Separate Beds
Elizabeth Buchan

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Elizabeth Buchan

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Beneath the veneer of professional success and domestic security, Annie and Tom Nicholson's marriage is crumbling and their eldest daughter is estranged from the family. The question is whether the dramas they face will break them or inspire them to give their hearts another chance. New York Times Bet selling author Elizabeth Buchan masterfully explores these themes in her newest novel, SEPERATE BEDS.

The New York Times best selling author Elizabeth Buchan is beloved for vividly capturing the concerns and joys of contemporary women.  In Separate Beds, she follows the ebb and flow of family, fortune and love that is familiar to so many.

Tom and Annie Nicholson’s kids have grown up, the mortgage is do-able, and they’re about to get a gorgeous new, state-of-the-art French stove.  Life is good—or so it seems.  For years they’ve let resentment and loneliness build up, and in the wake of their estrangement from their daughter, they’ve resigned themselves to hiding their pain and acting simply as two strangers living under the same roof.

In this candid audio discussion with Authorlink, Elizabeth talks about how she crafts a story, including the use of words to paint whole impressions of her characters, the use of mundane physical acts that, when layered into the scene, heighten the emotional content.

ELIZABETH BUCHAN’s novels include the best selling Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman, Everything She Thought She Wanted, and the prize winning Consider the Lily.  Buchan lives with her family in London.

–Doris Booth