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An Authorlink Exclusive Audio Interview With Bonnie Hearn Hill 
Author of If it Bleeds

August 2006

Bonnie Hearn Hill, known for her bestselling tales of murder and intrigue in both fictional works and true crime accounts—is back at her bloody best with the launch of a suspenseful new trilogy of novels from Mira. IF IT BLEEDS will be released in September 2006, followed by CUTLINE in October 2006 and OFF THE RECORD in November 2006. All are stories that could be ripped from the front pages of newspapers.

In IF IT BLEEDS, Corina Vasquez, the young assistant to an investigative reporter at the Valley Voice wants to prove to her boss, coworkers and herself that she's the right choice for the job. When the body of the city's first woman mayor is discovered in a dusty vineyard—and her reporter boss is nowhere to be found—Corina gets her chance.

The title comes from the old newspaper mantra, "If it bleeds, it leads." That is to say that the most gruesome stories always run on the front page to get readers' attention. Corina herself becomes a target for an unpredictable and desperate enemy.

CUTLINE centers on Geri LaRue, who realizes her friend, award winning journalist Lieta Blackburn, is missing. In OFF THE RECORD, that same Geri LaRue becomes the sole beneficiary of a murdered prominent businesswoman whom she has never met.

Bonnie Hearn Hill published her first novel with Mira in February 2003 as part of a three-book contract. With the release of OFF THE RECORD late this year, she'll have six novels in print with Mira. Bonnie also writes nonfiction and is currently coauthoring a true crime book. She is also a conference speaker, contest judge, and leads a private writers' workshop in Fresno, CA.

In this audio interview, Bonnie talks with Authorlink Editor-in-Chief about her career in publishing, and what prompted the new series. She also provides insights for writers struggling to break into the business.

—Doris Booth