A Cracking of the Heart by David Horowitz

A Cracking of the Heart
by David Horowitz
(Regnery Press)
ISBN: 978-1596981034



David Horowitz, author

David Horowitz's Heartbreak over His Daughter and Their Relationship
His latest book, A Cracking of the Heart, launched October 26th, 2009

Unlike any book he has ever written before, A Cracking of the Heart is author and conservative activist David Horowitz’s personal and poignant story about the loss of his beloved daughter, Sarah. As a conservative with a very liberal daughter, Horowitz struggled to see the world through her eyes, but came to realize that there was much to learn from his physically disabled daughter and the empathetic way she lived. A Cracking of the Heart explores the extraordinary legacy of Sarah’s short life, and narrates Horowitz’s quest for the life-changing, unseen gifts she left behind.

A Cracking of the Heart provides powerful reflections on life and loss:

How sharply contrasting political views between Horowitz and his daughter led to a large gap in their lives that was eventually bridged-—a challenge many families face for many different reasons How living your life to the fullest despite challenges can be your greatest legacy The cruel reality and seemingly insurmountable grief we face when we outlive someone we love

An audio interview is forthcoming soon.