It’s pretty safe to say that every author has a goal of selling more books. That seems logical at first glance. What isn’t always readily apparent is what steps are needed to reach that goal. Here at BreakThrough Promotions, we’re ready, willing and experienced at helping authors determine and meet specific goals. 
Why not review our packages and find one that meets your needs? If you’re looking for something that’s not listed, contact me and see if we can include it in a package especially designed for you!

BreakThrough Promotions was founded by PJ Nunn in 1998 and rapidly grew to be an internationally recognized agency representing books and authors of all genres. In the past 15 years, PJ has developed contacts and freelance associates around the globe who work with her to help her clients achieve their goals. The publishing industry is constantly evolving and there’s no one single promotional strategy that works for everyone. PJ is diligent and determined to find the strategy that works best for each of her clients and then to help them design a custom-fit campaign that will establish their own unique brands, increase name recognition and help them achieve their publishing goals.

BreakThrough Promotions was established in 1998 and has been promoting books and authors of all backgrounds and genres since that time. Services include campaign planning, website content, social media, arranging book tours, author interviews for print and broadcast media, speaking engagements and lots more. PJ is skilled and knowledgeable in working with authors from large publishers as well as those from small presses and who are self-published.

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