My coaching – on an individual basis, in person, by phone and online via Skype or email – provides regular review, concrete suggestions for improvement, and encouragement in all aspects of fiction writing, (including story development, narrative arc, concept and structure, plotting, character development and dialogue) and creative nonfiction (including book proposal development for memoir, biography and other nonfiction).

Manuscript Review

I provide manuscript review services for both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. My critiques include line- and/or developmental editing and a comprehensive written critique outlining strengths and weaknesses and specific suggestions for improvement. My fees are project-based and competitive. If you are interested in a manuscript review, send me an email.
Here’s what one of my clients said about my services: “One of the things I feel most blessed by is my relationship with my editor and writing coach, Marcia Meier. Marcia has been my champion throughout this journey – has seen me through incredible self-doubt and fear; has held my hand and encouraged me when I was ready to walk away. There is no way – and I mean NO WAY – I would have developed into the writer I am today without her support.” – Diana M. Wilson