Pandora's Temple by John Land Pandora’s Temple
Jon Land

Open Road E-riginal
eBook/412 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4532-2342-0
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". . . a tale that blows away all the other thrillers . . ."

Yet another thrilling adventure by Jon Land, featuring Blaine McCracken has arrived, and the work of this special operations agent is just as amazing as it ever was as he answers the call of his country.

When an explosion occurs on a deepwater oil rig located in the Gulf of Mexico, the life of Paul Basmajian is taken. Paul was a member of Blaine’s commando unit, and Blaine – with his partner, Johnny Wareagle – are asked by their former bosses to check into the so-called accident to find out the real cause behind the explosion.

When they arrive at the site and look over what’s left of the rig, they discover that the actual crew is missing. Soon, the two men are drawn to the conclusion that the most deadly force on the planet is to blame for the disaster; a force referred to as, ‘dark matter.’ This is a source of energy that could literally destroy the world if it is set free. Two villains are after this horrific find; one is a powerful man lying on his deathbed; and the second is the leader of a Japanese doomsday cult that is aiming to end all life on Earth.

Blaine and Johnny take on this mission with passion, strength and courage. They must find a way to beat these evil men to the prize. But once their quest begins, these two men discover the fact that they must travel thousands of years in the past in order to find Pandora’s Temple – a truly amazing site that was built to guard the world’s most powerful weapon of mass destruction.

Add in a drug cartel in Mexico, some seriously twisted robots, professional killers and a sea monster, and you literally find a tale that blows away all the other thrillers released this year. The ‘McCracken books’ by Jon Land will bring to mind the early Clive Cussler’s featuring Dirk Pitt – where the heroes always have the odds stacked against them as they take out, one by one, the enemies of the United States. These are men who can’t possibly be beat!

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor