The Weight of Night by Christine Carbo

The Weight of Night
Christine Carbo

Atria Paperback

In the summer of 2016, Montana is going through a hellish period of wild fires. Flathead County is especially hard hit, and every official that can be spared is out helping evacuate those in the path of the blaze.

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” . . . a gripping tale of ordinary people under extraordinary pressure . . . .”

Park Police Officer Monty Harris is checking on the progress made by a team cutting a firebreak when one of the crew discovers human bones in a shallow grave. Monty summons County Head CSI Gretchen Larson to excavate and process the crime scene before the fire consumes it. 

The remains are those of a young teenage boy, and Monty has the uneasy feeling it may be the body of his friend who went missing on Halloween night, 1991. When another young teen goes missing at a nearby campground, the case takes on a new and disturbing dimension. Could the cases be related? Could there be a serial killer at work across the years? Gretchen also has her nightmares to deal with, and in her case they’re all too dangerous in the real world. The FBI are called in but make little progress. It’s up to Monty and Gretchen to put the pieces together. But as the fires close in upon the town of Columbia Falls and thick smoke fills the sky, time is running out for the missing boy. 

Lovers of modern suspense will enjoy The Weight of Night. Christine Carbo crafts a gripping tale of ordinary people under extraordinary pressure against a backdrop of nature at her finest and most terrifying. 


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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews