Klonopin Lunch
Jessica Dorfman Jones

Crown Publishing Group
Hardcover/336 pages
ISBN: 978-0307886972
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". . . with style and a flair for the wickedly funny."

Rich, beautiful, accomplished, and bored, but most of all, wicked fun.

Jessica has it all: handsome husband, wealth, good job at the top of her field, and youth. It is not enough, and her job will probably end soon. She is bored with her life and her marriage and Andrew, her husband, has settled into a respectable and well-furnished rut. She wants more. She needs more.

Enter guitar teacher, Gideon, bad boy rocker by night, guitar teacher by day, and sex all the time. He is just what Jessica needs to help shake up her life and drive away boredom with tequila shots and chaos. Casting aside everything for a walk on the wild side where sex, drugs, and rock and roll are the order of every day, Jessica takes the plunge.

What? Another sex, drugs, and rock and roll drug fest chased with alcohol and regret? Do we really need yet another thirty-something remembrances of things past with attitude and arrogance? Yes. We need Klonopin Lunch and Jessica Dorfman Jones’s humor and pathos to remind us what we have to lose—and to gain—in a world where everything grows old in time.

Normally, I avoid drugged out memories fueled by sex and alcohol to the beat, beat, beat of rock and roll, but this memoir is something very different. There is a touch of arrogance and privilege in Jones’s tour through depravity and boredom that is overlaid with killer wit, laugh out loud moments, the bitter dregs of the morning after, and an excellent sense of timing and well written prose that makes Klonopin Lunch is more than just a memoir of yet another generation X-er with too much money and too much time on her hands. I thoroughly enjoyed Jones’s self-deprecating wit and razor sharp delivery. Jessica Dorfman Jones has the goods and she pays off with style and a flair for the wickedly funny.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell