The May Bride by Suzannah Dunn

The May Bride
Suzannah Dunn

Pegasus Books

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“Rich in period detail . . .”

Young Jane Seymour discovers that life will never be the same once you’ve accepted a new member and her mysterious ways into your family. In Suzannah Dunn’s historical novel set in the Tudor period, The May Bride, the reader is introduced firsthand to everyday home life and the intertwining relationships in a family of good stead. The Seymour clan of Wolf Hall appear to be a bit on the dull and plodding side, but overall they are nice folks. When the oldest son, Edward, takes twenty-one year old Katherine Filliol as his bride, fifteen year old Jane slowly begins to realize that perhaps her new sister-in-law isn’t always as she seems.

When Edward is called off to serve King Henry on the battlefield in France, Katherine’s inner demons come out to play, and Jane finds herself questioning their friendship. What causes Katherine to wander off to the corpse of trees where the lovers meet at the fair? Why does Katherine refuse to sew on a layette piece when she discovers she’s pregnant? Why does she refuse to go to court with her husband upon his return to Wolf Hall? And why does Katherine keep poems written to her by her father-in-law in the bottom of her hope chest?

Rich in period detail, The May Bride will appeal to readers who enjoy a domestic drama set in the world of Henry VIII without court intrigue or extensive battle scenes.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews