Running From The Devil by Jamie Freveletti

May 5, 2009
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Running From The Devil
Jamie Freeveletti

William Morrow
May 2009
Trade Paperback/320 pages
ISBN: 61684228
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…A suspenseful thriller. Cauldrige gives Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer a run for their money.

Women will do anything to get a decent tube of lipstick. Emma Cauldridge, a biochemist for a cosmetics company, takes it to another level in Running from the Devil.

In this debut thriller by Chicagoan Jamie Freveletti readers are taken on an unimaginable journey. Cauldridge, one of a group of survivors from a plane crash in the jungles of Colombia, combines her athletic training and scientific background in a race to save herself and others from certain death. With the jungle as an obstacle course, Cauldridge must also confront members of paramilitary guerillas greedy for the cash rewards they see in the survivors they’ve captured, including one mysterious gentleman, government agent Cameron Sumner.

Add Washington D.C.’s Department of Defense to the maze and you have a suspenseful thriller. Cauldrige gives Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer a run for their money. It helps that Freveletti is no wallflower when it comes to telling a story. She is a speed runner, a teacher in the martial art of aikido with a black belt and a former trial attorney with degrees in law, political science and international studies. Her own background enriches the storyline and keeps readers from putting the book down until the very surprising and intelligent ending.

Running from the Devil is a nine star read worthy of a series. Lovers of lipstick will praise Cauldridge as their heroine.
Reviewer: Lisa D. DeNeal


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