This Bird Has Flown

by Susanna Hoffs

Little, Brown and Company

A one-hit-wonder with a notorious music video discovers where she wants to take her talents and her love life iThis Bird Has Flown. Author Susanna Hoffs, co-founder of 80s hit group The Bangles, deftly shares some rare insights into what makes a musician tick and what a life in the limelight can do to one’s relationships behind the scenes in this enchanting romantic-comedy.

Eccentric and colorful—yet believable and endearing—characters abound …

Jane Start never quite got past singing a cover of internationally known pop legend Jonesy’s song “Can’t You See I Want You”. She has all but given up on her music career when her life falls apart. Jane leaves her cheating boyfriend and takes a rather dubious gig in Vegas, courtesy her good friend and manager Pippa. And then the impossible happens while flying to London to rest and recuperate at Pippa’s flat—Jane finally meets the man of her dreams sitting in the seat next to hers.

Gorgeous and considerate Tom Hardy is (of course!) an Oxford don, teaching romantic literature. The chemistry between Jane and Tom is undeniable, but he doesn’t contact her in London for two agonizing weeks. Jane rushes to Oxford for a first date and doesn’t want to return to Pippa’s, even with the tantalizing offer of a career-reviving world tour with Jonesy. Jane is in love, writing songs again, making new friends, and enjoying life, not noticing signs that maybe Tom hasn’t been entirely truthful with her about his romantic past.

Eccentric and colorful—yet believable and endearing—characters abound in This Bird Has Flown. Jane and her companions practically spring from the page in this touching tale of learning how to deal with love and loss inside the upside down world of popular music. Like Jane, we realize there’s no such thing as a one-hit-wonder when there’s love in your heart.

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