So We Meet Again

Suzanne Park

Avon Books

Korean American Jess Kim works hard in the Hamilton Cooper investment bank, believing she’s rising toward the top. It comes as a bombshell when she’s casually fired from the Wall Street firm via a Zoom meeting. Has seven years enduring the inherent workplace racism and sexism been for nothing? Jess has little choice but to return home to Nashville and the welcoming arms of her parents. Here she has breathing space to reassess her future—if she can avoid her mom’s efforts to set her up with Daniel Choi. The pastor’s son has grown into a handsome, charismatic guy with a terrific record of achievements. Jess really does not need comparisons to Dan if she’s to get out of her funk.

… a sparkling, genuinely witty take on modern business and relationships.

Jess turns her love of Korean cooking into a new venture aimed at food hacks for busy people. With a little help from her friends, she gets Seoul Sistas off the ground, running a weekly YouTube presentation on her theme. Her mom’s live feed intervention sends the whole concept of Seoul Sistas viral, and Jess realizes she needs Dan’s help to navigate the rocky road of entrepreneurship. She can’t deny her growing attraction to him, but a business decision made on Dan’s advice turns sour. Can she rely on him, or is he only out for himself? When Jess is offered buy-out from a global corporation she and Dan face each other across the negotiating table—and not only Seoul Sistas, but their very future is on the line.

So We Meet Again is a sparkling, genuinely witty take on modern business and relationships. Park’s love for her Korean heritage shines out from every page.