Salthouse Place

Jamie Lee Sogn

Lake Union


Teenagers Delia, Cara and Zee were inseparable friends with the usual romantic dreams and teenage troubles. One summer day the three of them went to the lake near their Pacific Northwest homes—but only Delia and Cara came back. Zee disappeared, never to be seen again in spite of an intensive search of the lake and surrounding area. Even ten years later the trauma of that day still haunts Delia. When she receives an email out of the blue from Cara promising ‘life changing news’ she’s intrigued, but Cara seems to have disappeared.

Toxic friendships, unresolved issues and romances gone wrong . . . 

Cara’s brother Tom is also concerned for her whereabouts. Delia and Tom have a history, and their old romance is reignited by their shared mission. Delia follows Cara’s clue and attends a seminar held by the Artemis Wellness women’s empowerment group. She’s drawn in to their agenda, but there’s still no sign of Cara, and the leadership seem only vaguely aware of Delia’s old friend. As Delia embeds herself further into the group at the Salthouse Place retreat on the Oregon coast its cultish nature becomes more apparent. A streak of ruthlessness runs through the whole apparatus. When people begin to disappear, Delia knows she’s in a race against time to find Cara and discover the darkness at the heart of Artemis Wellness, a darkness that seems connected to Zee’s disappearance. The truth is there—if Delia can survive to expose it.

In Salthouse Place Jamie Lee Sogn expertly ramps up the tension. Toxic friendships, unresolved issues and romances gone wrong weave a coruscating thread all the way to the whiplash twist at the end.