Her Deadly Game

Robert Dugoni

Thomas & Mercer

Keera Duggan is an ambitious lawyer who began building a solid reputation as a Seattle prosecutor until personal matters got in her way. Retreating to the family’s law firm gave her the chance to regroup, but to Keera it’s a comedown. Her father “Patsy” Duggan, a.k.a. the Irish Brawler, was once great, but years of alcoholism have taken their toll, reflected in his firm’s steady decline. Keera hopes the right case will come along to restore her—and the firm’s—reputation. It arrives in the shape of Vince LaRussa, a hugely successful investment advisor accused of murdering his disabled wife, Anne.

Dugoni returns to his legal roots in an elegantly crafted legal thriller.

There’s little evidence to prove LaRussa did the deed, but with Keera’s ex-lover Miller Ambrose heading the state’s prosecution against him, the case becomes personal. Ambrose is out to nail LaRussa—and embarrass Keera in her first major homicide defense. Keera sets out to create the best case she can, but when disturbing information comes to light Keera wonders what she’s gotten herself into. With her opponent playing dirty, she needs to get to the truth of exactly what happened the night Anne LaRussa died. It takes clever research and experimentation to gain enough evidence to establish at least reasonable doubt. What she finds upsets everything—and the showdown in court puts everything Keera knows and loves on the line.

In Her Deadly Game Dugoni returns to his legal roots in an elegantly crafted legal thriller. Authenticity radiates off every page, and the suspense builds to the final, deadly twist in the tale.

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