Christmas from the Heart

Sheila Roberts

Mira Books 

Livi Berg lives for her charity, Christmas from the Heart. In the small Cascades community of Pine River, the not-for-profit is all that stands between many folks and poverty at Christmas. The organization depends on contributions from donors, especially big businesses. When their biggest benefactor Hightower Enterprises lets them down at the last minute, Livi knows she won’t be able to help as many people this year. After arguing with the company’s CFO Guy Hightower, Livi has plenty of unkind thoughts about the man and his business. Guy has enough problems digging the company out of a financial hole. He can’t spare time worrying about the pushy boss of a penny-ante charity.

When Guy’s Maserati breaks down on the highway to his family’s Christmas get together the beautiful woman who rescues him turns out to be none other than Livi Berg. He gives a fake name—Joe—and Livi seems to take a shine to him, but Guy can’t be sure if it’s genuine or an attempt to get a big donation from a rich man. Livi feels maybe “Joe” is the man she’s dreamed of all these years, the one who’ll show her the world. Guy feels as if he’s fallen into the middle of a classic Christmas movie, but it’s obvious there’s genuine hardship in town. Livi persuades Guy to help out with the charity while he’s waiting for the car to be fixed. He soon sees Livi for the wonderful person she is, but trouble’s not far off. Livi’s would-be boyfriend Morris is deeply suspicious of the rich stranger. Both Livi and Guy have some serious hurdles to overcome if the course of true love is to run smoothly.

When the two worlds of Livi and Guy collide, romantic sparks fly. Settle by the fire, open Christmas from the Heart, and enjoy Sheila Roberts’ truly heartwarming new take on the classic holiday tale.