Born on a Rotten Day
Illuminating and Coping with the Dark Side of The
Hazel Dixon-Cooper

Simon & Schuster Fireside
February 1, 2003
Trade Paperback/192 pages
ISBN: 0-7432-2562-7
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". . . delightful humor."

"Key Phrase for Leos: ?You had it coming?."

Finally! We Leos have the excuse we’ve always needed when someone accuses us of being “attention-grabbing, overbearing egomaniacs” with “obnoxious attempts to boss around everyone else.” It isn’t our fault; we were just “born on a rotten day”.


Hazel Dixon-Cooper, a professional astrologer, gets down and dirty with her astrology book, Born on a Rotten Day, with such a delightful humor that even the most sensitive of the Zodiac signs, Cancer, will end up laughing as they roll in the mud. Just remember as you read this book, that you better be able to laugh at yourself as well. Dixon-Cooper leaves no Zodiac sign unscathed.

As with other astrology books, not all written applies to each sign. Being a Leo, I have never spent “my evenings scolding my family, yelling at the dog, and hanging up on my mother”. Okay, maybe once in a while, but always with a good reason. Hum. Maybe that’s why the author selected the "Key Phrase for Leos" as: “You had it coming”.

Whether you are a serious astrology student or read your daily horoscope in the newspaper for grins, you’ll enjoy Born On a Rotten Day. Even if you don’t find the outrageous attributes for your sign amusing, I guarantee you will get plenty of entertainment showing everyone else their attributes.
Reviewer: E. M. Kurecka