Bonnie Hearn Hill

February, 2003
Hardcover/315 pages
ISBN: 1-55166-691-X
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"A plot ripped from media headlines . . ."

". . . compelling read."

". . . the thin-streamed plot thickens into a roaring river with twists and rapids."

The novel INTERN, written by Bonnie Hearn Hill, rips its plot from current media headlines. But the story is no rip-off. This book unites commercial fiction with literary by the author’s ability to flesh out a known plot with fresh and perceptive characterizations.



We all know the story. April, the naïve young intern, falls in love with a power-hungry and kinky, oversexed senator, then disappears without a trace as if she never existed. The mother, Gloria, fights to make her daughter visible to the press and the police, while Suzanne, the typical politician’s wife, struggles to keep her faith in her husband and their marriage. And the senator, as expected, cares only for his reelection.

What we don’t know and what makes this book a compelling read are the people that Ms. Hearn Hill brings to life. It’s their story we want and that’s what she gives us with an amazing insight into each victim. And they are all victims of their own demons.

Each telling their story with their own unique voice, the thin-streamed plot thickens into a roaring river with twists and rapids that propel the reader to turn the pages with a frenzy. The only disappointment in this book is the actual whodunit. But who cares? That never was the point of this novel anyway.

Reviewer: E. M. Kurecka