The Summer List

Amy Mason Doan
Graydon House

Laura Christie receives a letter out of the blue from an old friend she’d parted from under unpleasant circumstances seventeen years ago. She and Casey Shepherd were inseparable as girls. Their friendship seemed set for life until one night when a shocking betrayal sent Laura running from the small California town of Coeur-de-Lune and her relationship with local boy J.B. Since then she’s led a successful singleton life in San Francisco as a graphic artist, but the letter revives old memories, old guilt, and stokes her curiosity. Why would Casey reach out to her after all this time?

Coeur-de-Lune has changed little. Laura’s reunion with Casey is uncomfortable, and Laura discovers Casey’s hippie mother, Alex, was the real instigator of their renewed acquaintance. Alex is absent, but has left them a challenge in the shape of a scavenger hunt of the kind they’d had as kids. Laura and Casey decide to go along with it. Both are still skeptical whether it’ll bring them together again – or if Laura can rekindle her romance with J.B. As the hunt unfolds, so do poignant memories of the summer days spent together on and around the lake. The pull of the past is hard to resist, and Laura begins to question exactly what it was she saw that fateful night. At the end of the hunt Alex has answers – and a stunning revelation.

The Summer List is a tender and intimate novel about the true meaning of friendship and how it’s worth going to any lengths to save it. The characters are so well drawn the reader feels every one of Laura and Casey’s heartaches and joys along their journey. Amy Mason Doan has crafted an amazing debut novel.

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