Final Judgment

Marcia Clark

Thomas & Mercer

Samantha Brinkman never thought she’d find true love. With her messed-up past and increasingly successful legal career, she thought her love life would never consist of more than a series of flings. Niko Ferrell changed all that. A gorgeous, rich, internationally famous martial arts star, he seemed so much not Samantha’s type—so of course they fell for each other, hard.

… a classy novel of high-stakes suspense …

Any thoughts for the future are sent into a tail spin when a cryptocurrency investment scheme Niko invested in crashes. Millions of dollars of investors’ money—including Niko’s and his mother’s share—go with it. The two brokers responsible blame each other, but when one is murdered and the other disappears the affair turns into a whole new ball game. As Niko comes under increasing suspicion from the police, Samantha has to get involved. Her search for an alternative culprit leads her into Niko’s past, a place where some unwholesome truths emerge into the light. Increasingly fearful of what she might find, Samantha and her friends Michy and Alex pull out all the stops. When a hated face from Samantha’s own past crosses her path, Samantha must make a judgment call, one that could lead to salvation for Niko and her—or complete disaster.

Samantha Brinkman returns to the stage in Final Judgment, a classy novel of high-stakes suspense shot through with ambiguous morality and laced with wit and humor. Marcia Clark is unequaled in her ability to create a legal thriller so thoroughly steeped in the often crazy worlds of law, crime, and human frailties.