11th Hour
Bradley Warshauer

Trade Paperback/347 pages
ISBN: 0-7860-1527-6
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"11th Hour promises a convoluted tale of intrigue but loses its way."

"Warshauer ends his tale with a resounding crash that fizzles."

DNA determines mental and physical abilities, from playing football to coaching or managing the team. Money controls them all and Vince Petty controls the money.




Vince Petty traded everything but his first born to get Julian Lloyd, a college receiver with impressive athleticism and a gentle nature, as a first round draft pick for the Missouri Gunners. To keep Lloyd, Petty paid $18 million as a signing bonus and then disaster struck. Julian Lloyd is seriously injured in a pre-season mini-camp and it is unlikely he will ever take the field unless something can be done.



The four geneticists who formed Genetics Life, Incorporated focused on breaking new ground, putting their little company in the forefront of DNA research and development and time is running out. If they can’t raise $2.2 million soon all their hard work will be sold to the highest bidder and they will no longer control their destiny. Angelina Moore, co-founder of GLI, is about to change the rules of the game, but she isn’t playing alone. Humanity International, HUMINT, wants GLI and their research and they are willing to do anything to get them.



11th Hour promises a convoluted tale of intrigue but loses its way. Bradley Warshauer spends more time on color commentary and play-by-play action than he does in developing his characters and plot. He calls the action for the Missouri Gunners and for the New Orleans Saints, adding a subplot featuring an aging linebacker who doesn’t want to give up the game and rest on his laurels. The story slows as Warshauer focuses on the plays and forgets the action. However, Warshauer ends his tale with a resounding crash that fizzles, leaving the reader in doubt as to the outcome of the crucial game and throwing in a love interest in the eleventh hour.
Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell