Waiting On God by Charles E. Stanley

Waiting On God
Charles F. Stanley

Howard Books

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“. . .excellent read. . .”

Who enjoys waiting? Honest answer: no one. When the event or relationship we’re waiting for is important to our sense of self-worth, the wait can be particularly difficult. We ask painful questions such as, “Why hasn’t God answered my prayers for a job, a spouse, or a child? Will He never answer me?” In Waiting on God, Dr. Stanley reminds believers that the only never we should focus on is that God will never let us down.

Starting with an examination of God’s character, Dr. Stanley illustrates how we should shift our thoughts away from the gift we wish to receive to the Giver who bestows it. God is omnipotent and omnipresent, and He sees the big picture of our lives. Why do we doubt His timing? Is it because we don’t trust Him to be a loving father with our best interests at heart? Dr. Stanley points out how a troubled past often distracts us from seeing God’s loving character, but our past is just another idol—such as the desire for money, recognition, relationships, and hobbies. Idols can get in our way of trusting God’s good purpose for our lives. We need to practice discernment through prayer, Scripture reading, and seeking counsel from other Christians walking in His way. Only then will we see where we are moving away from God’s will and learn to let go of what is keeping us from following Him. Only in surrendering to His will and grabbing a hold of God’s loving promises to prosper us and to take care of us in all circumstances can we wait in faithful expectation that the answers to our questions will be the very best gift He can give us.

An excellent read for those who struggle with “How long, Lord?” and are impatient to see change in their lives, Waiting On God offers encouragement for all seeking guidance on their spiritual journey.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews