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Between The Walls of Time

Cyrus Kohler, a former Army Ranger and Vietnam Veteran, now a Professor of Philosophy, forms an organization known as The Front. Through a series of lectures that go viral he gradually establishes The Front as a third major political party. Exposing the broken Process, genetics, evolution and territoriality of the political class, bThe Front, by book’s end, have 42 million members. Social Congruence and The Doctrine of Limited Rights define our society and its tribal participants. Historical Fiction/Political Read more »

How Financial Circumstances Influenced Major Events in 20th-Century Ecuador

This work proposes a connection of financial circumstances with major socio-political events in 20th-century Ecuador. It highlights the state of the nation’s economy as a determinant factor in the outcome of events. Throughout the history of Ecuador, the ambivalent evolution of major political and social events, such as the stability of serving presidents, coups, and war, has had an interesting and direct relationship to the financial environment. If the economy was healthy, did the country also experience stability? If it went into disarray, did the non-financial environment follow? Data collected from the Central Bank of Ecuador, unpublished diplomatic papers, and personal documents from relevant historical figures, as well as from the work of previous historians, indicate a strong effect of financial and economic performance on major political and social events. Particularly, given the country’s dependence on three main commodities: cacao, bananas and oil, the performance of these significantly shaped 20th-century Ecuadorian history Read more »

From Monasteries to Multinationals and Back: How Beer Explains the World by Johan Swinnen and Devin Briski

The history of beer is the history of civilization. Changes in beer consumption and brewing did not only follow from scientific and economic changes but also played a major role in social, political, economic and scientific innovations and change. This book tells that story – from an economic, political, and historical perspective.

The sample outlines the main themes of the book and presents a proposed outline of five parts (including 22 chapters in total), and explains why the book is unique in its approach and its focus Read more »