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Letters to No One in Particular- A Discussion and Illustration of Spinoza’s ‘Fragment’

Author Name: Charles Milton Saunders



In the ‘Fragment’ Spinoza states his goal from the outset which is for us to acquire, “the knowledge of the union existing between our mind and the whole of nature.”
Please notice that he does not use the word ‘brain’.
He asks us to apply his ‘method’ to our own thinking process in order to clarify our thoughts and to select the power resident in our ability to form adequate ideas to recognize the truth of the reality which surrounds our daily lives. He would like us to harness our innate ability to think clearly in order to arrange our lives according to certain principles.

Length of Sample (in words): 3,000 words

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This book made Spinoza accessible but didn’t dumb it down in any way. Saunders has made some breakthroughs here. He also writes in a familiar tone and has some interesting approaches to content. All students of Spinoza, no matter whether undergraduate or professor, can gain something from this. Would be a good book for philosophy majors and others to understand the heavier content on god, etc.

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It took 20 years of dedicated study to understand and to grasp the significance at the heart of Spinoza’s “Ethics”. This has resulted in me being driven being driven by necessity to share the learning from this work with people who do not have the time or experience to do this for themselves.

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