What elements of writing do you find most difficult, plot, theme, dialogue, pacing, developing real characters, or revising? Why, and how do you solve the problem?
I recently asked this question in an online writing group and received some interesting feedback. Many respondents said they struggle with the plot.  But answers varied. Here are a few paraphrased responses from those whose names I have changed. Their answers may be instructive.

Plot, I have a really hard time sticking to a singular plot for a long period of time without adding an exciting element that’ll completely ruin my well-revised plot and I can’t stand it when I spotted a plothole to the point I wanna rewrite the entire story just to fix it…

As for solving the problem… currently have no solution.

It’s frustrating since I can do the other stuff quite well without problems but this shit is the essence of storytelling.



So, the thing that gets to me is energy. After all this time, plot, theme, dialogue, characters, edits  I  do all these things almost automatically.

Thank heavens I have some true blue friends/writers that don’t cut me slack and force me to do better than get by.

When they poke me for not doing the extra work, it’s exhausting, but at the same time, the challenge posed gets me to push. Having to push keeps it new and keeps me motivated to finish.