People have asked: If book publishers are so strict when choosing books to publish, why are so many bad books being published by large publishers?

Good question!

Here is my honest opinion. Like so many other industries, publishers have come to rely too heavily on marketing hype. Books based on clever marketing gimmicks and internet social trends get more media and social attention—and more sales. Editors must find stories that have a proven market to generate revenue. Sadly, toady’s publishing relies more upon return on investment than on literary art. Years ago, those concepts were balanced.

Publishers and filmmakers have learned that in order to sell content they must manufacture emotion and thrills, legitimate or not.

Too often we consumers are not required to think, but to respond to manipulation. Thus, we are robbed of determining our own authentic conclusions and reactions.

Contemporary genre books are often turned out to meet marketing objectives rather than literary objectives. Works are sometimes edited by inexperienced editors, or are rushed out to ride upon the latest news headlines.

On the supply side, many writers do not learn the craft or take the time to write a truly thoughtful tale while publishers scurry to keep the pipeline filled with fresh material.

As a result, the art of storytelling suffers.

Perhaps this is a cynical view. I would welcome others who can see things differently.