Lisa Dale Norton
Lisa Dale Norton

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Shimmering Images: 

Stories That Drive Memoir

by Lisa Dale Norton

Lisa Dale Norton is a regular monthly Authorlink columnist. She is nationally recognized as a writing instructor with a passion for story. Hear her online one night only: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Class will be held March 26 at 8pm CST.

Everyone holds key stories that define their lives. These Shimmering Images of the past are the stories that make the best memoir. Strung together they are the foundation of a long story; individually they are the essence of the short memoir. Let's talk about how you conjure them and what you should do with them once you've captured them.

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Lisa Dale Norton
Lisa Dale Norton's new book about memoir, SHIMMERING IMAGES: A HANDY LITTLE GUIDE TO WRITING MEMOIR, will be released by St. Martin 's Press in Spring '08. She is the author of Hawk Flies Above: Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills (Picador USA/St. Martin 's Press), a work combining memoir and nature writing. Lisa teaches for the UCLA Writers' Extension Program and speaks nationally on the power of story and the process of writing your own. She lives in Santa Fe.