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James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review


Everybody Has A Book Inside of Them
Ann Marie Sabath
Career Press Inc.
12 Parish Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470
9781632651693, $16.95, PB, 192pp,

Synopsis: In “Everybody Has a Book Inside of Them: How To Bring It Out”, aspiring authors will learn firsthand from Ann Marie Sabath and her army of author colleagues the answers to the roster of questions so often asked about the writing process ranging from how to get their writing motor revved, to ridding themselves of those debilitating writing doubts, or learning the power of KITA for meeting deadlines.

Showing how to make a dream of becoming an author a reality, the 49 topics specifically addressed range from: How long does it take to write a book?; Why knowing your reader is a must before you begin; and What motivates authors? Love or money?; to Why to stop writing while you are ahead; What seasoned authors would tell their younger selves; and How bestselling authors structure their books.

With her honesty, sense of humor, and encouragement, Ann Marie will provides the steps for creating a book, including easy-to-follow guidelines, trade tips, and valuable insights from other experienced authors will get an aspiring author’s ‘writing engine’ started up.

Critique: As ‘real world practical’ and informational, as it is inspirational and motivating, “Everybody Has A Book Inside of Them: How To Bring It Out” is very highly recommended to the attention of anyone who has ever felt like they would like to create a book whether it would be fiction or non-fiction. I should be noted for personal reading lists that “Everybody Has A Book Inside of Them: How To Bring It Out” is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $10.98) would be of special and particular relevance for anyone contemplating getting published what they have already begun whether it be a memoir, a book of their poetry, an attempt at the next Great American Novel, or anything else that would seek a readership for their work.