July 18 – July 24, 2011 Edition Wylie to Publish Bestselling Author’s Investment Book

WOODSIDE, Calif./GLOBE NEWSWIRE/ July 20, 2011 — Ken Fisher, CEO of Fisher Investments and 27-year Forbes columnist, recently announced an upcoming new book due November 2011 from John Wiley and Sons: Markets Never Forget (But People Do): How Your Memory Costs You–and Why This Time Isn’t Different.

The author of Forbes’ “Portfolio Strategy” column and four previous New York Times bestsellers (Debunkery: Learn It, Do It and Profit From It, The Ten Roads to Riches, How to Smell a Rat, and The Only Three Questions That Count), Ken Fisher’s upcoming book shows investors how market history can be a critical tool to help them make better investing decisions.

In Markets Never Forget (But People Do), Fisher explains how investors commonly fall prey to the very normal human tendency to forget lessons from even the very recent past. Memories are over-archingly short. Fisher also discusses why investors, as a group, usually make the same mistakes again and again. For example, he writes that every bear market in history is in many ways unique with unique drivers. However, despite many differences, investors’ reactions to bear markets through time are very similar.

“This tendency to forget even very recent events is what behavioralists refer to as myopia,” Fisher said, “Myopia can lead to serious investing errors, like panicking and selling at market lows or being overly euphoric at the wrong times, as well as myriad smaller errors.”

Fisher further stated, “The goal in investing is never to be error-free; such a thing is impossible. Investors who bank their futures on never making mistakes will surely be disappointed. Rather, the goal in investing is to reduce your error rate and be more right than wrong. Markets Never Forget (But People Do) simply provides one more tool investors can use to help shape better forward-looking expectations.”

Markets Never Forget (But People Do) is Ken’s eighth book on investing and/or personal finance and due for publication in November 2011 by John Wiley and Sons. It is available now for pre-purchase wherever books or e-books are sold. More information about Fisher Investments Press books can be found at

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