February 9-16, 2006 Edition


Launches Website

for Asesi’s Thriller

Rayo/HarperCollins Announces Launch of Website for Highly Anticipated Thriller about the Search for the Secret Location of the Original Cross Used to Crucify Christ

NEW YORK, NY/2/3/06—Rayo is proud to announce the launch of the official website of this year’s most heavily anticipated historical thriller, The Last Cato by international bestselling author Matilde Asesi. This thrilling novel of mystery and adventure takes us from deep within the archives of the Vatican, across Europe to the ancient cities of Alexandria, Jerusalem, Athens, with Dante’s Divine Comedy as a guide, in search of the secret location of the Holy Crucifix which Christ was crucified. Through, visitors will be able to explore history and facts behind this engaging and adventurous story.

“After the Associated Press and USA Today both ran stories about the eagerly anticipated upcoming publication of The Last Cato, we decided that adding an interactive component to this intricate and fascinating novel would greatly enhance our readers’ experience. The website is designed to aid visitors immerse themselves with the history and settings of some of the most sacred religious artifacts in the world,” said Rayo’s Associate Publisher, Raymond Garcia.

Learn more about the book, which bestselling author of Map of Bones, James Rollins claims that “…It will do for Dante what Dan Brown did for Da Vinci: unlock riddles of our past hidden in treasures of art…” and experience the journey of the seven deadly sins by visiting