March 1-15, 2005 Edition

Random House

Ventures to Deliver

Content on Mobile Phones

NEW YORK, NY/02/18/05—Random House Ventures, the investment subsidiary of publisher Random House, has acquired a substantial interest in VOCEL, a publisher of branded content delivered to mobile phones. VOCEL has a patent is pending on technology that speeds message delivery over cell phones.

Random House sees delivery of text to mobile phone as an important future platform, according to Richard Sarnoff, president of the Ventures group.

VOCEL and Princeton Review are already delivering SAT questions and feedback over mobile phones, offering the service on a monthly subscription basis..

VOCEL reportedly is negotiating with several other publishers to provide content and services.

Random House has already licensed VOCEL to offer its Living Language and Prima Games for delivery on mobile phones. The Living Language programs would let people learn words and grammar, listing to pronunciations, and receive tips.