May 28 – June 4, 2012 Edition New Book Shows Writers How to Stand Out in Digital Age

Authorlink News/June 30, 2012–Digital mania has officially arrived. The playing field has been leveled, and the number of authors, self-published and otherwise, is exploding. Although everybody is buzzing about how to market, many are failing to sell.

“Yes, everyone is talking about marketing e-books and making a fortune. Here’s what hasn’t been said: You can market your heart out, you can tweet and blog like a hacker on meth, but if you have not written a compelling novel that makes the reader want to put everything else on hold, you’re not going to make the sale,” say Bonnie Hearn Hill and Christopher Allan Poe, authors of DIGITAL INK, WRITING KILLER FICTION IN THE E-BOOK AGE.

DIGITAL INK, is the first book on writing for the e-book age that focuses on craft. Now buying decisions depend on the click of a button, and writers need to know how to create hooks that deliver. And because many writers are now publishing their own e-books, they need to know the tricks of self-editing.

“DIGITAL INK is a must-read for unpublished authors, as well as those of us who wish to review our craft,” said New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin.

Humorous, succinct and unapologetically opinionated, DIGITAL INK shows both beginning and established writers how to stand out in the explosive and potentially profitable e-book market.

Former newspaper editor Bonnie Hearn Hill is the author of six international thrillers for MIRA Books, four young adult novels and several nonfiction books. A longtime writing mentor, she has helped many authors break into print. Los Angeles touring musician Christopher Allan Poe is the author of the paranormal thriller, THE PORTAL, and a member of the International Thriller Writers Debut Authors Program. A frequent conference presenter, he speaks on the techniques of character-driven fiction.

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