March 1-15, 2004 Edition

Random House UK

Merges Two

Literary Imprints

LONDON/2/23/04—Random House UK will merge two of its literary imprints, The Harvill Press and Secker Warburg, into a new line called Harvill Secker.

Geoff Mulligan, currently the publishing director of Secker & Warburg, will become publisher of the new Harvill Secker line. Christopher MacLehose will become publisher-at-large.

Simon Master, deputy chairman of the UK publishing group, said it was hard for smaller imprints such as Secker and Harvill to survive in today’s publishing environment. He said the merger will be a positive step for both lists, and will be an effective move within the organization to better market the titles within the two lines..

MacLehose said that while he regrets the merger, it is the only way small quality houses can flourish, under the umbrella of a larger publishing force.