May 3 – May 10, 2007 Edition

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YELM, WA/5/1/07–Betsy Chasse, a pioneer in the cultural creative market who co-created and co-directed the smash hit, What the BLEEP Do We Know!?, is blazing a new trail into the children’s market with Elora Media, a new publishing company that features empowering, motivational books, video & music for children of all ages.

Chasse’s successful documentary, What the BLEEP Do We Know!? has paved the way, for new films and products in the cultural creative market like recent releases and increasing popularity of films including The Secret, Peaceful Warrior, and Celestine Prophecy to name a few. What The Bleep was a ground breaking film for the cultural creative market. Its ability to cross over into the main stream market has made it one of the most successful documentaries of all time. ‘Betsy was an important part of the team who made that possible, I’m confident she’ll do the same in the children’s media market, ” Says Meyer Gottleib of Samuel Goldwyn Films, distributor of “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

Elora Media offers motivational books, videos and music for children of all ages that are available nationwide in bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Borders, Elora Media’s products assist in creating emotional awareness and character development for children. “I believe that our children are in desperate need of conscious attention and conscious education,” Chasse said. “In today’s society kids are more likely depressed, diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, or some other label with no ability to deal with their emotional self. That is where Elora Media products come into play.”

Her inspiration began in 2004 while traveling around the world with the release of BLEEP. She explains that during that time, she gave birth to two babies, the first in February with the release of BLEEP and again in April, to her daughter Elorathea. “While traveling to promote the film, so many parents came to me and asked what they could read or show to their children that would reflect how powerful and wonderful they are, and begin to instill the ideas that they are the creators of their reality,” explained Chasse. “It was then that I realized that I wanted to combine my love for filmmaking, creating and writing with my love for children.” As a result, Chasse now has her third baby, Elora Media, which took its first steps into the world October 2006.

Since then, Elora Media has successfully launched its first three titles into bookstores online and nationwide, and has negotiated the rights to its next releases. One of Elora Media’s first releases, Where Does the Sun Go?, is a finalist for two prestigious children’s books awards: Fore Word Magazine’s Children’s Book of the Year and The Nautilus award for Children’s fiction. These awards will be announced June of 2007. And Elora Media recently acquired the rights to a series of books, films, video games, and a TV show for children featuring the Dr. Quantum character as seen in BLEEP. The first book in the series is due to roll out in September of this year.

This is only the beginning for Chasse. She is currently acquiring rights for existing titles and music to use in children’s videos as well as creating new material for distribution in the coming months. “I understand most parents don’t want their kids watching television,” says Chasse, “but we can’t lock them in a closet! What we can do is create videos, films and games that are fun, which encapsulate the concepts and ideas we believe will help them to evolve and grow. “By using this wonderful medium we can bring beautiful fables and stories to life, incorporate uplifting messages, higher frequency music, interactive movement and dance, animation – all sorts of things – and hopefully inspire great moments of adventure and exploration between parents and their children while supporting them to be the incredible beings they want to become.”