Jan 16 – Jan 22, 2012 Edition McGraw-Hill to Deliver textbooks via Apple iBooks

NEW YORK, Jan. 19, 2012 /AUTHORLINK NEWS — McGraw-Hill Education today is bringing its leading K-12 curricula and instructional expertise to Apple’s iPad with innovative iBooks Textbooks. McGraw-Hill Education is now offering five high school math and science titles designed specifically for the iPad, and the company expects to double its program offerings for the iPad during the year. The titles will be sold through the iBookstore. McGraw-Hill is delivering more than 100 years of experience in developing proven, comprehensive curricula and combining it with Apple’s revolutionary iPad and iBooks with the goal of improving learning outcomes.

"The exciting new titles we are offering build on McGraw-Hill’s successful expansion of digital learning platforms across a wide variety of devices," said Harold McGraw III, chairman, president and chief executive officer of The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE: MHP). "The digitization of education represents the opportunity of the century by making learning more accessible, personalized and engaging, and we’re optimistic about the potential of bringing McGraw-Hill’s learning platforms to even more students so they are prepared for the global knowledge-based economy."

For the first time ever McGraw-Hill is producing high school curricula specifically for the iPad. The initial group of McGraw-Hill Education titles made available as iBooks Textbooks includes Common Core State Standard editions of Algebra 1 and Geometry, as well as, Biology, Chemistry Matter and Change, and Physics Principles and Problems. McGraw-Hill’s iBooks include key interactive features, such as:

Interactive images and 3D animations – Students tap images to zoom, reveal information or rotate objects so they get multiple perspectives. Keynote presentations – These supplemental slideshows include highly interactive animations. Multimedia – Full-screen video and animations. Interactive quiz questions – Students test their knowledge by taking short, easy-to-use quizzes. Additional features – Including interactive glossary terms, highlighting/bookmarking capabilities, flashcard builder and cross-referencing of index terms.

"The McGraw-Hill curricula, together with iBooks Textbooks, combines McGraw-Hill’s years of experience in developing comprehensive educational programs and Apple’s iPad to improve learning outcomes," said Bob Bahash, president of McGraw-Hill Education. "At the same time, this combination provides a large and growing opportunity for McGraw-Hill Education since many school districts have turned to the iPad as a tool to drive student engagement and achievement."

The digital integration of curricula, technology and distribution is creating significant new growth opportunities for McGraw-Hill worldwide by providing new revenue streams, adding more subscription-based models, lowering costs and increasing margins. McGraw-Hill, which offers a range of digital programs, became the first education company to launch an all-digital, cloud-based program for the K-12 market when it debuted CINCH Learning last June.

For more information about McGraw-Hill’s titles on the iPad, visit the Apple website.

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