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NEW YORK, NY/3/21/06—British screenwriter Charlie Fletcher has sold movie rights to his contemporary novel Stoneheart, which will be released in the U.S. by Hyperion and in the U.K. by Hachette in September 2006. Producers Scott Rudin and Lorenzo di Bonaventura have teamed up to produce the motion picture version for Paramount, according to Paramount production co-president Alli Shearmur, who asked the two if they would work together on the project.

The story, first in a trilogy by Fletcher, has been likened to a sort of English version of The Wizard of Oz. In Stoneheart, London statues of famous people come alive to re-enact their history.

Rudin is technically now with Disney where he is producing movies for Disney and Miramax Films. However, he is still actively producing at Paramount along with DI Bonaventura. The two have shared large-scale projects in the past.

Fletcher has worked on a number of Hollywood films, including Warner’s Fair Game. He has been devoting full time to novel writing for the past few years.