October 15-31, 2005 Edition

Judith Miller Rumored

To Have Book Deal

With Simon & Schuster

NEW YORK, NY/10/04/05—Rumors are flying that Judith Miller, New York Times journalist joined for not revealing her White House news sources, may have signed, or may be close to signing, a $1.2-million-dollar book deal with Simon & Schuster to publish an account of the ousting of CIA operative Victoria Plame and the journalist’s subsequent jail sentence. The rumor began on the blog, The Huffington Post, run by media insider Arianna Huffington. According to Huffington, Miller has been telling friends about the deal, which reportedly will be edited by S&S’s seasoned editor, Alice Mayhew.

Huffington reported, however, that S&S president Carolyn Reidy flatly denied that any deal had been signed. Mayhew visited Miller during her 85-day jail sentence at Alexandria Detention Center. No one has commented on any possible deals. The Book Standard, which posted the story on October 3, apparently deleted the item sometime afterward, though the page had been cached by Google.

The anonymous source for whom Miller served the jail sentence rather than reveal his name, was later revealed as Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Chief of Staff for Vice President Dick Cheney.