Japanese Writers’ House proudly presents its new business alliance with Red Circle Authors Limited, a specialist communications and publishing company.


Under this new and exciting alliance, the two companies will work closely together to increase international interest and awareness of Japanese literature and promote the works of Japan-based authors to publishers and readers worldwide.

Red Circle, based in London, provides news, analysis, and opinions on Japanese literature, Japanese writers, and publishing, as well as the latest information in English on its select group of award-winning authors, some of whom are represented by Japanese Writers’ House.

Many Red Circle authors have won Japan’s major literary prizes and have had their works adapted for film and television in Japan. Some already have well-established reputations in Asia (in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand, for example) and are starting to win international literary prizes. Japanese Writers’ House and Red Circle Authors will work together to increase the number of works available by their authors through translations, as well as increase the number of languages that they are available in.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to provide our many international publishing partners, who publish the works by authors we represent, additional information on our authors, the Japanese publishing industry, and also Japanese literature. With around 80,000 new titles published each year and a long history of talented creative writersーmany of who have yet to be read or discovered outside of Japanーall of us here at Japanese Writers’ House sincerely hope that this new alliance will generate new opportunities for everyone we work with for publishing success.”

ーKoji Chikatani, Senior Agent, Japanese Writers’ House

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