Ingram Publisher Services LLC, an operating company of Ingram Content Group, announces a new name for the Perseus Distribution brand: Two Rivers Distribution. This rebranding helps separate the distribution business from the publishing entity that is now with Hachette. This change will not impact operations or client services.

“Since Perseus Distribution became part of Ingram in 2016, we have experienced transition and growth. We will carry forward Perseus’ strong reputation as a flexible and dedicated partner to its clients into our new brand,” says Sabrina McCarthy, VP and General Manager – Two Rivers, Ingram Academic, and International Sales.

Two Rivers is rich in meaning in several ways:  Rivers is an Ingram family name which honors our new home and from a broader view, the name represents the role that we play as a distributor. As gateways, rivers are conduits for growth and expansion, which is a metaphor for the services we provide to our publishers. The new name also recognizes the two teams in New York City and Nashville, whose efforts are integral to the brand’s success,” says Heidi Sachner, Vice President, Ingram Publisher Services, Two Rivers.

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