February 25 – March 4, 2010 Edition

Ingram Launches PubLink Catalog and Galley Platform

LA VERGNE,TN/AUTHORLINK NEWS/02/25/10–Ingram Marketing Group Inc., the marketing and advertising agency of Ingram, this week announced the launch of PubLinkSM, a specialized software/CRM tool that gives publishers a robust and flexible platform to manage, track and deliver product catalogs and galleys in both print and electronic formats.

The powerful functionality of Ingram’s PubLink allows publishers to store and manage customer and publicity contacts, distribute galleys and catalogs in an electronic format, and order and deliver to customers printed galleys using the print on demand single copy technology and workflow from Ingram’s Lightning Source.

PubLink was to be demonstrated earlier this week at the O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference at the Marriott Marquis Time Square, New York, February 22-24,

Macmillan, the inaugural user of PubLink, has completed beta testing of Ingram’s new industry tool.

“We could not be more impressed with Ingram’s PubLink,” said Charles Bozian, VP Finance and Administration for Macmillan. “The PubLink platform is a comprehensive solution for Macmillan’s galley needs, giving us the flexibility we need to serve our customers and media partners while enabling the transition from print to digital, seamlessly. We see big benefits from an operational and cost standpoint over time. This is where trade marketing is going.”

The flexible and user-friendly PubLink platform allows publishers to move toward more electronic offerings in the catalog and galley space in stages, at a pace that is compatible with their customers’ needs.

Using PubLink, publisher clients can opt-in to receive electronic copies vs. printed copies, allowing the publisher to protect the preferences of and relationships with their customers The print on demand model for galleys and catalogs eliminates mass quantities of waste and shipping costs and capitalizes more effectively on budgets, by allowing publishers to only order what they will actually use and distribute efficiently. A web-based tool, PubLink allows reps, marketers, and publicists to manage galley and catalog orders, direct to customers, from anywhere in the world PubLink’s e-galley and e-catalog offerings are web-viewers with turn-the-page technology and content search functionality, ideal for previewing titles in the galley stage or linking to direct ordering options within catalogs

“Our PubLink solution further enables publishers to drive content to every possible destination, in whichever format is required, faster and more reliably than ever before,” said Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer of Ingram Content Group. “Thousands of publishers and distribution partners worldwide rely on Ingram’s experience and expertise to realize the full business potential of millions of books, and we are delighted that valued partner Macmillan has used this best of class solution to do just that.”


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