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Doris Booth


well-spoken, informative.

V ery personable. Wonderful, so concise!

Anne Hawkins



knowledgeable, experienced. Very informative. Top drawer!

Doris Booth, editor-in-chief of, and Anne Hawkins, well-known literary agent with John Hawkins & Associates of New York share insider information on writing and getting published in today's tough marketplace. These two leading industry experts team up to give intensive presentations offering information you may never have heard —whether a newcomer or seasoned author.

Anne and Doris have been top-rated as speakers by major writers' conferences across the country. What they have to say will both inform and inspire you as a writer. Get your questions answered. Gain a competitive advantage. Learn how the industry really works, and what publishers want.


Check their 2005 speaking schedule for a conference near you.

Jan. 21-23, 2005


San Diego, CA

San Diego State University Writers' Conference

Web Site:

Doubletree Hotel, Mission Valley, San Diego, CA

Keeping Your Writing on Track (Without the Side Trips)

Ten Biggest Editorial Mistakes —Doris Booth

Ten Biggest Business Mistakes —Anne Hawkins

Feb. 26-27, 2005


Naples, FL

Naples Press Club Authors and Books Festival

Naples Center of Florida Gulf Coast University


Keeping Your Writing on Track (Without the Side Trips)

Ten Biggest Editorial Mistakes —Doris Booth

Ten Biggest Business Mistakes —Anne Hawkins


March 4-6, 2005


Whidbey Island (Seattle), WA

Whidbey Island Writers Conference

Breaking Through to Major Publishers:

What Editors and Agents Really Want —Doris Booth

April 27-May 1, 2005


St. Louis, MO

Romantic Times 22nd Annual Booklovers Convention

Keeping Your Writing on Track (Without the Side Trips)

Ten Biggest Editorial Mistakes —Doris Booth

Ten Biggest Business Mistakes —Anne Hawkins

May 18-22, 2005


Albuquerque, NM

"Southwest Writers Workshop

has a reputation for providing some of the best conferences for writers in the country. A significant key to this success is providing faculty such as Doris Booth and Anne Hawkins . . ."

—Suzi Little

Conference Chairman

Southwest Writers Workshop


National Hispanic Cultural Center

Annual Writers' Conference

Keeping Your Writing on Track (Without the Side Trips)

Ten Biggest Editorial Mistakes —Doris Booth

Ten Biggest Business Mistakes —Anne Hawkins

J uly 20-24, 2005


Gainesville, FL

Gainesville Association for the Creative Arts

Rawlins Writers' Workshop


Breaking Through to Major Publishers: What Editors and Agents Really Want —Doris Booth

Maximize Your Chance of Snagging a Literary Agent —Anne Hawkins

August 26-28, 2005


Yosemite, CA

Anne Hawkins and Doris Booth,

two of the highest rated Yosemite Writers Conference presenters, put around-the-clock energy into the 2004 conference

. . . we recommend them highly.

—Linda Nielsen Nene Casares

Director, Yosemite Writers Conference

Yosemite Writers' Conference

The Tenaya Lodge

Titles to Be Announced

"I learned more from Doris Booth about publishing in two days than I've learned in the past year."

—Attendee, Southwest

Florida Writer's Conference

"Doris Booth is intelligent

and informed. She inspired

the audience."

—Attendee, Southwest Writers Conference, Albuquerque

"Doris Booth's knowledge

about the writing profession

is extraordinary. Her classes get rave reviews no matter what she teaches

. . . a fine addition to any faculty."

—Jo Ann Hamlin

Southwest Writers

Conference Chair




Doris Booth


and Authorlink Press;

Manager, Authorlink Literary Group

As editor-in-chief of, the online marketplace for the publishing industry, Ms. Booth oversees manuscript requests from hundreds of editors and agents who acquire properties and sign writers for representation via Authorlink. Ms. Booth maintains close ties with the New York publishing industry, promoting Authorlink writers to editors and agents on her frequent visits to New York. Authorlink has been involved in 87 sales to publishers within the past four years alone, and has made direct sales to Simon & Schuster, Barnes & Noble Publishing, John Wiley & Associates, McGraw-Hill, Career Press, and others. The latest Authorlink success is a two-book series sold for six figures to HarperCollins by Joe Veltre, formerly rights director and agent at Carlisle & Company, New York. Veltre, now with Artists' Literary Group, spotted the work listed on Authorlink by unpublished author Brian Tacang and directly requested what has become the lead book in the upcoming series, Bully Be Gone: The Misadventures of Millicent Madding. Ms. Booth works with editors at Random House, Simon & Schuster, Hyperion (Disney), St. Martin's, Warner Books, HarperCollins, McGraw Hill, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, and many others.

The company's new Authorlink Literary Group also represents selected writers in non-fiction, memoirs, women's fiction, some young adult works, and romance.

Ms. Booth began her career as an award-winning newspaper editor. She also owned a Dallas-based advertising and marketing agency which served Fortune 1000 accounts, as well as projects for McGraw Hill, Adweek Magazine, Boys Life, D Magazine, and others. An interactive multimedia/video producer, Ms. Booth earned New York and Chicago Film Festival awards for her work. She has also written for the eminent LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications. PBS Television has aired the programs to target cable audiences.

She also interviews many first-time novelists and New York Times bestselling authors, and provides book-related news and reports for MSNBC-TV.


". . . the best explanation

of the writing process [by Anne Hawkins] I have ever heard!"

—Attendee, Latino Writers

Conference, Albuquerque


"Anne Hawkins went off the charts

with just about everyone who

attended her presentation!"

—Teri Edison, Organizer,

Writers' League

of Texas Conference,

Austin, Texas

"As a literary agent, her expertise

and knowledge of the writing

profession excels . . . I

highly recommend Anne

as a writers' conference speaker."

—JO Ann Hamlin

Southwest Writers

Conference Chair


Anne Hawkins


Literary Agent

Member, Association of Authors Representatives

John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.

New York, NY

Anne Hawkins is a literary agent with John Hawkins & Associates, New York. Founded in 1893 by Paul R. Reynolds, it is the oldest literary agency in the country, with early clients including such notables as William James, Stephen Crane, Willa Cather, Jack London, P.G. Wodehouse, and Emil Zola. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Anne joined the agency in 1996 after prior careers in English education and business management. In addition to representing her own client list, Anne manages all foreign rights for the agency. She is a member of the Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR).

In fiction, she prefers works right on the borderline between literary and commercial, although she also enjoys mystery/suspense. First novels are always a high risk/high reward situation, but she has had considerable success with a number of them, including William Kowalski's EDDIE'S BASTARD (HarperCollins), which has been translated into thirteen languages to date, ARTIFACTS by Mary Anna Evans (Poisoned Pen Press), winner of both the Florida Novel Of The Year for 2003 and the Benjamin Franklin Award for best suspense novel published by an independent press, and Cynthia Alwyn's SCENT OF MURDER (St. Martin's Press), subsequently produced as a TV movie. Of her authors' fiction titles to be published in 2005, three are debut novels.

Her nonfiction list is eclectic, but centers on narrative projects concerning history, current events, science, medicine, women's and family issues. Some representative nonfiction books include New York Times bestsellers REAGAN: A LIFE IN LETTERS and REAGAN IN HIS OWN HAND, edited by Kiron Skinner, Annelise Anderson, and Martin Anderson (The Free Press); THE INVESTOR'S GUIDE TO NANOTECHNOLOGY AND MICROMACHINES by Glenn Fishbine (John Wiley); THESE HONORED DEAD: HOW THE STORY OF GETTYSBURG SHAPED AMERICAN MEMORY by Thomas Desjardin (Da Capo Press); and THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO HYSTERECTOMY, by Dr. Lauren Streicher (M. Evans).

To book this team for your writers' conference, please contact Doris Booth,, or Anne Hawkins,


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