Three former FBI Special Agents Jim Freeman, Terry Turchie and Donald Max Noel will be crossing the country Coast to Coast to participate in an event that will recapture the final two year pursuit and capture of the man the press called the Unabomber, the better part of two decades ago. 

The three former agents will be leaving California, their state of residence, to go to Washington D.C. on September 20 to have their experience in the Unabomber case recorded inWitness to History. It is to be co-produced by the Law Enforcement Museum and the Newseum at McKnight TV Studios. They will also lead a panel discussion open to the public at the Newseum, at 2PM to discuss their new book Unabomber: How the FBI Had to Break its Own Rules to Capture the Terrorist Ted Kaczynski.

After seventeen years of frustration, then Director Louis Freeh made Jim Freeman Special Agent in Charge of the case. Freeman decided to do things differently, even challenge FBI tradition and the procedures that were a way of life in the Bureau. He brought in counter-intelligence specialist Terry Turchie to assist him in directing the Unabom task force.   Donald Max Noel a highly regarded Street Agent who had accumulated an abundance of leads on the case  was maintained and made the final arrest in the Montana cabin now on display at the Newseum. Their book gives significant insight into the changes the three agents needed to successfully pursue the case and the rules they had to break to achieve the final result. 

The three former agents, now in a California wide series of events at Barnes and Noble book stores will go to the New York metropolitan area following the Witness to History event.