Leff’s Debut Novel

Purchased by NBC

as New TV Series

NEW YORK, NY./2/20/06— Better Homes and Husbands, by Valerie Ann Leff ( see previous Authorlink interview) , has been purchased by NBC for development as a television series.

Meryl Poster, former head of production at Miramax, picked up Leff’s paperback in a New York bookstore to read over Christmas vacation. She loved it, and in her new role as development consultant at NBC-Universal, decided to purchase the rights for a television series. In January, she tracked down the author’s phone number and called her at home.

Leff e-mailed her entire list of friends and acquaintances to tell them about the deal and thank them for their help. “If it weren’t for each one of them, my book never would have been written, and published in paperback for my producer to pick up and read.

Better Homes & Husbands is Leff’s first book, published in 2004 by St. Martin’s Press. Editor for the book was Diane Reverand, The agent was Bill Contardi at Brandt and Hochman.